What to Expect When You Start Chiropractic Treatment

What to Expect When You Start Chiropractic Treatment

Your New Patient Appointment for Chiropractic Services

So you’ve scheduled your first appointment—congratulations! At this stage, you can expect to meet your expert chiropractor for the first time. To amplify the effectiveness of your treatment, it is best to share with your chiropractor all of your health-related concerns and wellness goals. Your expert chiropractor will perform a thorough examination, including as-needed x-rays, and gather the comprehensive base of information needed to devise the best care plan for you as an individual.

Assessment Report With Your Chiropractor

Once your comprehensive assessment has taken place, you will enter phase two: the assessment report. At this point, you will meet with your chiropractor one-on-one to determine the findings of your first appointment.

This review will cover your response to any treatment provided during your first appointment, and include a detailed review of your x-rays (if applicable). Once your expert chiropractor has clearly identified and explained the behind-the-scenes origin of your symptoms, they will then discuss the best course of action for your unique anatomy and circumstances.

During this stage, you will learn what is causing your symptoms and discomfort at a neuromusculoskeletal level—under the surface. Your expert chiropractor will then allow your anatomy and current state of wellness to dictate the most efficient, effective, and relief-inducing form of treatment for you.

At Fremont Spine + Wellness, we collaborate with you to build a thorough and integrated plan: the one that will ensure you receive the best care possible! Our goal is to identify any imbalances that may exist and correct them, getting you back to living your healthiest life.



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Regular Visits

This is where the fun starts!

At Fremont Spine + Wellness, we work hard to get you out of discomfort and pain while simultaneously teaching you how to take the reins and live a more wellness-oriented life.

This is an active process where you learn or relearn what it takes to heal and feel better, and how to stay better even longer! We will teach you supportive and therapeutic exercises which you may take with you for life, using them to enhance your health and mobility. These tools will help you to prevent future injury and teach you proper movement patterns for work, home and fitness. We take an upbeat, integrated and individualized approach to get you to where you want to be with your health, and stay there.

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