Postnatal Care

Postnatal Care in Fremont, Seattle

Pregnancy and child birth are taxing on your body, your mind, and on your spine. Let’s help you recover from pregnancy and get you back on track for excellent health.

Irrespective of the ease or difficulty involved in your labor and delivery experience, we are here to support you. Postnatal chiropractic care can help you adjust to new routines, new schedules, and new stressors. You do not have to go through this journey alone—at Fremont Spine And Wellness, we are here to help nurture your health and well-being and better equip you for whatever challenges postnatal life may bring.

Recovery from pregnancy and labor can present a whole new set of changes unlike any you’ve encountered before. Each pregnancy is different, with its own unique challenges and rewards. The postpartum body needs adequate time to heal from any pregnancy, irrespective of the duration or whether the pregnancy reached full term. However long the pregnancy, the human body needs at minimum an equal amount of time to recover and rebalance itself harmoniously.



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How does chiropractic care support postpartum recovery?

Following delivery, the body systems require as much support as possible to rebalance the physical, mental, and emotional systems. Chiropractic care focuses on supporting the neuromusculoskeletal system, which comprises the nervous system, the muscular system, and the skeletal system—and all of the facets and functions in which the three are interrelated.

After delivery, each of these systems is strained, leading to physical changes, emotional changes, and changes in cognition. Chiropractic care can help to support and balance each of these areas of health by decreasing inflammation, decompressing nerves, realigning bones and joints, supporting immunity, enhancing cognitive function, and facilitating optimal nerve energy flow.

After delivery, child care can also take a toll on the mechanical components of the body—lifting, carrying, feeding, and even sleeping and sitting typically all occur on a different schedule and through different mechanisms than they did prior to delivery. This can create biomechanical stress in the limbs, back, neck, and other areas of the body that chiropractic care may address.

Finally, sleep deprivation can become a prominent part of postpartum life, for a variety of reasons. Chiropractic care can help to support cognitive function by boosting the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), which helps to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the brain. Chiropractic care can help you to feel sharper, clearer, and more present overall, smoothing the transition from pre- to postnatal life.

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