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About Us | Fremont Spine + Wellness - Chiropractic Care in Fremont, Seattle

At Fremont Spine + Wellness near Seattle WA, we believe that people can get better faster, and stay better longer

We believe that there is no quick-fix pill or single elixir that can produce true, long-lasting healing. At Fremont Spine + Wellness, we’ve found that there is truly no substitute for dedicated, individualized care. We’ve based our practice on a scientific, measurable, and predictable approach to getting rid of pain, and keeping it gone. With the help of Chiropractic BioPhysics® and traditional chiropractic interventions, including massage therapy as a complimentary form of care, we have found that it is possible to reduce and completely eliminate pain and discomfort from accidents, injuries, misalignment, postural imbalances, and a host of other symptoms and causes.

Our team finds the underlying issues that are causing you pain and discomfort and creates personalized and comprehensive integrative care plans to address problems head-on. We provide evidence-based care with excellent and repeatable results. We spend dedicated, intentional time getting to know you and your individual needs, so you can get back to what you love and enjoy long-term results.

Fremont Spine + Wellness (KSW, LLC) serves the Seattle, Washington and Fremont, Washington areas.



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Fremont Spine + Wellness
3514 Fremont Avenue North
Seattle, Washington 98103

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