Meet The Team

Dr. Marnie Hansen

Chiropractor & Owner

Dr. Marnie Hansen’s mission is to guide individuals on a path toward optimum health through chiropractic, lifestyle and wellness education. She is passionate about making meaningful and lasting connections in the community, shifting and expanding paradigms and creating a positive healing environment in which patients may become empowered to take charge of their health.

As a child, Dr. Hansen began her lifelong health education as a competitive athlete, excelling in gymnastics, basketball, track, and volleyball. She began competing as a snowboarder in her late teens and by her early 20’s she was learning about the body in an entirely different field- acting, where she learned postural, breathing and other body awareness techniques to help her with theatre and film performance, as well as life in general.

After years of athletic and theatre performance, Dr. Hansen switched her focus to the healing arts and began her Chiropractic training at Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, OR, where she completed her Bachelor of Science and her Doctor of Chiropractic degrees. She sees the body as a dynamic instrument that if well tuned, and tuned into wellness, will play well for life. She believes that regular Chiropractic care, along with a happy and healthy lifestyle, is the best way to give the body the optimum vitality that it was born to have!

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Patricia Kanaley

Front Desk Extraordinaire

Patricia has a family back ground in the health and administration world. She grew up with her father working in many different hospitals and this left her with an eager appetite to help others in wellness! Originally from California, she attended a training institute in 2013, to become a Pharmacy Technician. While learning about pharmaceuticals, it made her realize she wanted to focus on a more natural path to wellness. She was always very active in sports and hiking, and when that was put on hold, due to a car accident, she realized that there really is no one fix pill for wellness.

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Kari Payne

Rehab Director

To Kari, exercise is an important, meaningful part of daily living. Although our schedules are busy, she believes exercise should be incorporated to become routine. Kari is an ardent supporter that exercise can prevent health problems and improve quality of life, and she looks forward to helping everyone achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals.

Kari’s love of fitness started at an early age with team sports. She grew up playing volleyball, basketball and soccer, and since then has added snowboarding, surfing, running and yoga. A native Canadian, she ran her own personal training business in the Vancouver area for six years before moving to Seattle, working with a wide variety of clients.
Kari loves to craft, read health books (non-fiction, of course!) and travel around the world, particularly to Vancouver to visit friends and family.

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Evelyn Cruz

Rehab Specialist & Scribe

Evelyn has been active in sports since she was young. A few of them included long distance running, gymnastics, and swimming. She lives for the thrill of hiking through the mountains and trails of the Northwest, a very different scene from her home in Southern California. She is fascinated by the natural healing process through chiropractic care, and you may see her teaching patients stretches and exercises on the floor, or finishing the patient notes for the Drs. 

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