Weight Loss


Why The Ideal Weight Management Program Works

Selecting the right weight loss program is an especially challenging endeavor. On one hand, you know you’ll need to cut down on foods that make you gain weight; on the other hand, you don’t want to feel deprived, potentially develop nutrient deficiencies, risk losing muscle mass, or feel starved all the time. When you do stumble upon a method that meets the right criteria, it can still be difficult to maintain positive results once you complete the program (aka, maintain that weight loss!).

As an authorized Ideal Protein business operator, Fremont Spine and Wellness is proud to offer patients a comprehensive health solution that pairs a wholesome meal plan with continued lifestyle education to eliminate the guesswork involved with traditional dieting.

Of all the weight loss methods on the market, why are we proponents of this system? How does the Ideal Protein weight loss protocol align with our practice’s core values?

Beyond musculoskeletal and nervous system care, the driving principle behind chiropractic medicine is to treat health conditions and other symptoms from the source to support whole-body health. Ideal Protein’s four-phase partial meal replacement plan addresses the root of weight gain by training the body to properly metabolize sugar and regulate insulin production, thereby influencing a healthy and sustainable body composition.

By reducing unhealthy carbohydrates and fats, and supplementing with adequate protein (up to 20 grams per portion), Ideal Protein foods promote fat loss, while maintaining muscle mass. Protein is essential to preserve muscle tissue, protect vital organs, and boost metabolic function. A sufficiently nourished body is a strong body, and without a strong and balanced system, unwanted pounds can quickly accumulate– making sustainable health difficult to achieve.

Unlike other diet programs, Ideal Protein’s dietary protocol maintains clear beginning and end points, with continuing education and motivational support long after weight objectives are met. The program offers short-term tools to help participants reach the finish line, and our health coach guides patients every step of the way.

The medically designed Ideal Protein program features:

  • Breakfast classics from omelets to pancakes; variety of desserts, puddings, wafers, and fruity drink mixes; crunchy or chewy snack and meal replacement bars; savory soups, pastas, and specialty entrees; shakes to mix at home or bring on-the-go; wide selection of gluten-free options.
  • Highly bio-available protein isolates in all of our meals, for maximum absorption.
  • Essential amino acids and reduced saturated fats.
  • GMO-free ingredients with no trans-fats, aspartame, or MSG.
  • Ongoing one-on-one coaching and education for maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

We continue to see unprecedented results for our clients who adhere to this program, and even our practitioners have experienced its positive results personally. Now let’s discuss whether Ideal Protein is the right weight management solution for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation or receive a complete plan synopsis.