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Seattle Physical Rehabilitation & Pain Management

When those aches and pains get in the way, it can be hard to focus at work or do the things you love without being reminded of it. At FSW we guide you through functional rehabilitation plans to first stabilize the injury or chronic issue, then design a specialized plan to transition you back to your normal life, and things you love. We help to build a fitness plan tailored to your fitness goals, whether it’s getting back to your soccer league, running again, or simply sitting at work pain free. We know you have a busy life, and know that proper movement and fitness doesn’t have to be time consuming. We design simple and effective rehabilitative exercise plans for you to do at work or at home, and utilize key functional movements to get the most out of your workout. The power plate can be effectively used to help achieve your peak fitness goals in less time, and assists in gym-like results in strength. Our tools are just that, tools you can use for lifelong health, fitness and wellbeing, and exercises to stay well for life.

What is Functional Rehabilitation?

When a patient performs controlled movementsĀ in an area of dysfunction, in order to improve strength, conditioning and coordination. This directly improves the individuals performance of movements so that one’s activities of daily living are easier to perform. You can physically modify your movement in order to improve the communication between your nervous and musculoskeletal systems with certain coordinated movements and exercises. In a nutshell, the goal of functional rehabilitation is to improve the performance of the nueruomusculoskeletal system so one can live an easier life as pain free as possible.


Kinesio tape assists in tissue and joint healing, support, circulation, and strength. It can speed up the healing process by promoting the movement of fluids such as lactic acid, which causes soreness in the muscles, and helps bring new nutrients into the tissues. K-tape can assist in postural support when sitting or standing at work all day, and aids in postural correction over time. Our patients rave about it’s supportive benefits and postural relief it provides!

Soft Tissue Release

Sometimes those achey muscles and joints need a little help with movement. We integrate Graston Technique and Soft Tissue Mobilization Therapies into our treatment plans to assist in the gentle breakdown of scar tissue, and restoration of proper movement.

Rehab Equipment

Our office offers state of the art equipment for all of your rehab and therapeutic needs.

Mechanical traction is effective at providing a comfortable stretch to your neck muscles, and gently provides relief from joint irritation.

Our Wobble Chairs are used to stretch and mobilize your low back to gently help move through those low back aches and pains to get you back to your regular pain free life again in no time!

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