It’s Not Too Late to Go Keto for the New Year!

It’s Not Too Late to Go Keto for the New Year!

We all know that winter is time for comfort food, and that usually includes an abundance of rich meals and an uptick in treats and cocktails. But do we really have to put on those pesky pounds and then beat ourselves up when we aren’t able to stick with lofty and unrealistic New Year’s diet resolutions? I suppose we each have the freedom to choose this option, but for those of us who want to break the cycle (or simply maintain a healthy weight without killing ourselves with workouts), there is a solution. It’s not too late to go keto!

What is “going keto,” you ask? The ketogenic diet consists of staying under a specific amount of carbohydrates for your body to stop using glycogen (or “sugar water” stored in your muscles) and start burning fat, all while sparing your muscle mass (if done right). When your body is in ketosis, you are using ketone bodies for primary fuel, as opposed to sugar and glycogen. This also helps combat insulin resistance, which is another common struggle for dieters. Most dietary approaches pushed today burn muscle in addition to fat, but if done right, you can achieve effective weight loss and a healthy metabolism boost by going keto! Healthy muscle mass is critical in fat-burning, as increased muscle mass can rev up your metabolism, so you want to spare it at all costs. Consuming the proper amount of high-quality protein is key.

I have found the benefits of a ketogenic diet to be endless when it comes to my patients and myself. I see chronic pain clear up; headaches, neck, and back pain decrease; moods improve and anxiety and depression clear up; stress becomes more manageable; feelings of constant hunger go away. I have seen people lose weight that previously had been unable to. I’ve seen the benefits in blood tests with reduced cholesterol, inflammatory markers, blood sugar, and even decreased blood pressure. The benefits are also long-lasting when properly executed.

I look at going keto as a lifestyle. I choose to focus on all the things I can do, as opposed to what I can’t. I think of how healthy it’s making me and am able to retrain my brain to make healthy choices such as controlling portion sizes. It’s a lifestyle reset, so to speak. And I still have the freedom to allow myself treat days to indulge in whatever I want.

Go splurge guilt-free every once in awhile! Guilt only perpetuates emotional eating. Just plan it out, follow up your treat days with 1 strict day (reduced calories, fats and carbs), and aim for 7 “clean” days. It takes willpower, but losing weight is much easier than maintaining, and a little discipline goes a long way. There are endless tips and tricks to help you get it right.

I would love to help walk you through your weight management journey. Together we can set (and meet) realistic goals for 2017. Contact us to schedule an appointment today, and sign up for our weight loss and fitness challenge by Valentine’s Day for a chance to win a corrective care or massage care plan!