It’s January! Let’s Set Those Goals In Motion

It’s January! Let’s Set Those Goals In Motion

Happy New Year! For some of you, this is the perfect time to revamp goals and resolutions—a chance to start anew, to take a step back and decide how you want your year to go. Truthfully, though, we should always be setting and evaluating our goals—propelling us forward, striving for growth and improvement. But how powerful is this process, without accountability? It’s ultimately up to you, but we can all use some help. Here are six simple tips, as you set the stage for your year.

1. Make Them Realistic AND Outrageous!

Because, why not? Things don’t always go according to plan. We’re human, and therefore prone to mistakes—stuff happens. Factor in some flexibility with your goals, and have fun with them. Create action steps to conquer the realistic goals, and get as far as you can in the imagining process with those big dreams. It can’t hurt to dream if you are easy on yourself, and realistic going into it. Who knows? Maybe you WILL win that lottery. But you can’t win the lottery if you don’t think about it, and then go and buy the tickets. Dreams don’t become reality out of nowhere; they start as small ideas, supported by incremental changes.

2. Harness the Positive AND the Negative

Use those self-limiting and negative beliefs to your benefit. Acknowledge their presence—that they are only your thoughts and not fact. But turn them into an opportunity to improve/change your approach. You know how people say “everything happens for a reason”? Well, they’re right, but it is up to us to interpret our experiences to turn them into learning opportunities. We are the sum of our thoughts. So the next time you get turned down for a promotion, or you don’t get that second interview, rather than putting yourself down or thinking you’re not good enough, ask the interviewer or a mentor how you can improve. Be humble, and do your best to develop action steps toward nailing down that next interview, and eventually you will accomplish that goal.

3. Set Your Intentions and Practice Them

Research shows that people who set aside some time for themselves in the morning to mentally prepare for their day are more productive and set themselves up for success. Look at your goals and fit the action steps into your day where you can, but do it with intention. Intend to have a great day, if that’s what you want!

4. Know Your WHY

Write this down. Post it on your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator, your phone’s lock screen—wherever it is you know you will see it daily. Maybe you want to lose weight… but why? Is it just to look good naked, do you want to be healthy for your kids or partner? Prevent the heart disease your grandfather had? Feel more confidence? Listen to what your heart really wants and dig beneath the surface. Because this is what will continue to motivate you toward that goal, and propel you through the inevitable hardships.

5. Prioritize, and Set Your Plan in Action!

What is your heart’s desire? That’s your priority. The action steps are the “how” to your “why.” From there, just get started—even the smallest step matters. Because that first step will lead to the next, and the one after that. And all of this is taking you closer to your goal than you were the day before. Be honest with yourself, what is the real priority, and are you willing to commit?

6. Want Even Better Results? Partner Up!

Accountability partners are an asset! Rally up your friends and/or family, get something going with your colleagues. Let them know what you intend to achieve, and rally for their support. Periodic intentional check-ins are key to long-term success.

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