Chiropractic Care And Headaches – What Do They Have In Common?

Chiropractic Care And Headaches – What Do They Have In Common?

This is a very interesting question considering that one term refers to a treatment and the other to a physical affliction. It is hence, difficult to compare the two, but if a effort is made you will agree that there is ONE very important this that is a common factor between headache as a health condition and chiropractic care as a treatment – both do not require drugs to work.

Headaches as well as backaches are not normally easily cured – if at all – with regular medication or even physiotherapy. Alternative medicine and treatment has had much better results. However out of all existing treatments are cure, chiropractic care offers the best results. This is because it is a fact that the majority of headaches are due to misalignment of the bones of the spinal cord, especially in the cervical area.

The ‘no drug’ solution is the ONE and MOST IMPORTANT common factor between headaches and chiropractic care. Here are a few unique advantages that chiropractic care offers over medications and regular medical treatment:

chiropractic-care-for-migrainesTreatment That Cures Headaches – most types of headaches are caused by maladjustment of the spinal cord especially in cervical region. When the vertebra have moved for any reason, they no longer support the head correctly. At such time, the underlying nerves are squeezed, which result in headaches. Chiropractic treatment is able to identify the misaligned spinal joints and through manipulations bring it back to its original position. This will release the pressure on the nerves and cure the headache.

All Natural Cure – most chronic headaches that are caused by spinal subluxation will not respond to medicine. Similarly, chiropractic care does not require any type of medication. This is an all natural cure. The treatment for the headache in this line of treatment involves manipulations of the spine to restore its original curves, reduce and/ or eliminate irritation caused to the nerves, and improve blood circulation and neuro-transmitting signaling.  For these types of headache no amount of medication or any other regular medical help will give any positive results. However, when the patient submits to chiropractic manipulations, the headaches reduce considerably and over a period, they would completely stop.

No Side Effects – chiropractic care does not cause any side effects unlike most medications. A recent study put the number of Americans suffering from headaches – all types of headaches – a staggering 45 million. Out of these only about 5% headaches are caused by pre-existing illnesses. The remainder are mainly due to misalignment of the cervical bones – which can be addressed wit chiropractic manipulation. Unlike with medication, a chiropractic practitioner would be able to immediately diagnose the problem for the misaligned bones of the spinal cord would be obvious. Hence, not only the treatment would be effective from day 1, but it would also be completely free of any harmful side effects. With this treatment there is no pressure on the kidney, liver, stomach or heart – as is the case with the use of drugs indiscriminately.

Relief From Other Pains – people who visited the chiropractic practitioner for headaches would often find that many other pains also disappear after the spinal manipulation is done, such as backache. This comes as an immense relief for many who would have struggled with seemingly incurable backache for years.

Highly Cost Effective – doctors’ consultations, diagnostic tests, X-rays, MRI scans, CAT scans, etc. cost a neat packet. This is besides the effort and time you spend searching for a proper diagnosis – and possible treatment. Chiropractic treatment comes at a fraction of such cost –  and it does get you rid of the problem.

It Offers Clear Diagnosis – with chiropractic care there is no ambiguity about the diagnosis. The chiropractic practitioner would check the way your bones are placed and if there is misalignment he would inform you about it. If there is not – he would indicate that there is nothing he could do. It is as simple as that. There are no trial and error treatments with drugs, no expensive tests, no stop-gap treatments – just a clear-cut diagnosis; right from the start.

Diet-related Deficiencies – sometimes bones and nerves weaken due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The chiropractic  practitioner would be able to identify such deficiency and often prescribe a change in diet – often that would supplement you with vitamin B complex – along with the spinal cord manipulation for better pain management.

From the above points – which are well supported by research from reputed institutions – it looks like chiropractic manipulation is the best available treatment today for headaches.  Contact Fremont Spine and Wellness today to cure your headaches.