I’d been to several chiropractors over the years, and though a few gave me okay temporary results, none took the time and patience with me to truly pinpoint where my problems lied. On my first visit to Dr. Marnie, however, she took x-rays and did a simple evaluation. She immediately could tell where I was having pain, just by looking at my body and posture – I didn’t even have to tell her! Her openness and friendliness made it so easy to be honest about what I was going through and where I wanted to be, and we made an intensive plan to help me get there… Each visit yielded more and more results… I highly recommend a visit to Fremont Spine & Wellness.
– Caitlin P.

AMAZING! This is definitely the best place in town. Amazing staff with outstanding customer service. If you are looking for a new chiropractor, Dr. Hansen is, by far, the best in town.
– Molly M.

I highly recommend Fremont Spine and Wellness. I suffered from severe back and neck pain, and while I had gotten adjusted by other chiropractors in the past, the results were always temporary. I appreciate the comprehensive treatment plan at Fremont Spine and Wellness — with exercises I can do at home and adjustments in office, my pain is gone…
– Christie M.

Bottom line: Chiropractic therapy DOES WORK.  And I could not have found a more personable, warm-spirited, caring and gentle chiropractor in Marnie Hansen.
– Donald C.

…Dr. Marnie is caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and kind.  She listens to me and changes her protocol based on my feedback.  I have sent my own cherished clients here (I am a bodyworker with a very busy practice working with people in pain and am super selective about my referral network).  Everyone has come back raving…
– Sukie B.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Marnie Hansen for almost a year now and I can tell you that she is by far the BEST!  
She really takes her time with you and you can tell she really CARES for her patients. She isn’t pushy at all. She understands your schedule and your financial situation. She also offers New patient classes every other week and gives you home exercises to take home at no cost to you! I highly recommend Dr. Marnie and her staff.
– Gracelynne A.

Dr. Marnie & the team at Fremont Spine & Wellness are the BEST. The office is clean, their staff is attentive, and I’m always in and out of there feeling a million times better…
– Natalie G.

I tried a number of chiropractors before finding Dr. Marni at Fremont Spine and Wellness. That woman works wonders! Not only is she fixing my neck problems, but my over all body mobility, nerve communication and strength has increased 2 fold. I didn’t realize  how compacted my spine and joints had become, but now feel 20 years younger after only two months. I highly recommend starting out with the 3X per week adjustment plan with Dr. Marnie.
– Mimi S.

Being my first time to go to a Chiropractor, I was skeptical & nervous. But from the very start, Dr Marnie was very attentive and informative. I felt safe and educated as to what chiropractic services do and what I should expect. Still a little nervous and skeptical, I continued treatment for several weeks. Without any other medical treatment, the pain in my lower back subsided substantially. From my experience with Dr Marnie and the chiropractic services I received, this definitely made an improvement in my health and healing my lower back pain.
– Telisha M.

Dr. Hansen is awesome. She is one of those rare chiros who actually want to spend time with you and get to know you. She really gave me the feeling like she was present during my treatment. I have been to a lot of chiropractors before and I would say Marnie is really skilled at adjusting you without any concerns of it being uncomfortable or painful. If you are having issues with pain, go see her asap!
– Ben D.

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